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Smart time capture

TIQ Time makes time tracking effortless for fee earners through automated creation of time entries based on your daily work across key applications.

  • Checkmark Build complete timesheets automatically
  • Checkmark Integration to DMS and Microsoft Office
  • Checkmark Integration to your firm's ERP/PMS
  • Checkmark Reduces leakage
  • Checkmark Improves client guideline compliance

Cloud knowledge platform

Leading knowledge platform - more than 2,500 law firms and 1,200 corporate legal departments use iManage to deliver client and corporate work securely in the cloud.

  • Checkmark Seamless doc and e-mail management
  • Checkmark AI powered knowledge platform
  • Checkmark Built natively on Microsoft Azure
  • Checkmark Zero Touch and Zero Trust security
  • Checkmark Industry-leading 99,9% uptime

Integration as a Service

Based on our Custodian iPaaS platform, we connect applications and services across and beyond the organisation. All delivered as a service with a contractual SLA.

  • Checkmark Integration as a service
  • Checkmark 45+ standard connectors
  • Checkmark Bespoke connectors on demand
  • Checkmark Master Data and Metadata Management
  • Checkmark Transformation and enrichment of data

Composable cloud ERP

Deltek Maconomy is purpose-built for project-based businesses, streamlines your project lifecycle and is designed to support a composable ERP strategy.

  • Checkmark Global and local solution capabilities
  • Checkmark Project Management
  • Checkmark Financial Management
  • Checkmark HRM and CRM
  • Checkmark Business Intelligence

Client Onboarding 

Custodian Client Onboarding automates client and matter intake, ensures compliance with KYC and AML regulations and integrates to all relevant data sources.

  • Checkmark Seamless client and matter intake
  • Checkmark Flexible & configurable for perfect fit
  • Checkmark Integrates to ERP/PMS, DMS and CRM
  • Checkmark Supports digital signature & eID
  • Checkmark Connects to relevant KYC/AML data

Productivity Apps

Custodian Productivity Apps optimises your existing technology. Our portfolio of smart productivity apps help extend the capabilities of your DMS and ERP solution.

  • Checkmark Smart Templates for iManage
  • Checkmark Smart Hub for iManage
  • Checkmark Smart Signatures for iManage
  • Checkmark Smart User Provisioning
  • Checkmark Apps for Deltek Maconomy ERP

All-in-one solution

LegalOne is an all-in-one solution built for small and medium-sized Law Firms who are looking for a composable and future-proof legal tech solution. 

  • Checkmark iManage Cloud knowledge platform
  • Checkmark Deltek Maconomy Cloud ERP
  • Checkmark Custodian Client Onboarding
  • Checkmark TIQ Time for smart time capture
  • Checkmark Seamless and connected
Custodian AI+ Black

AI for law firms and PSOs

Custodian AI+, based on Microsoft Azure Open AI, connects ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilots, iManage Insight+ and more to your curated firm data.

  • Checkmark Connect AI to your grounding data
  • Checkmark Optimised for law firms and PSOs
  • Checkmark Innovative & Secure
  • Checkmark Easy to deploy
  • Checkmark Flexible to support your use cases
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Smart document production tools

Novaplex offer a suite of purpose-built, secure, easy-to-use, document production tools that make everyday work streamlined, and work product better.

  • Checkmark Template Management
  • Checkmark Document creation
  • Checkmark Document transformation
  • Checkmark Metadata cleaning
  • Checkmark Print Management

Connected legal workspace

LawVu provides a unified workspace purpose-built for legal teams. Manage matters, contracts, spend, and reporting securely in one cloud-based system.

  • Checkmark Legal intake
  • Checkmark Matters and Contracts
  • Checkmark Document Automation
  • Checkmark Legal Spend Management
  • Checkmark Single source of truth

Streamlined document work

Litera provide a unified document lifecycle solution that supports the entire document lifecycle through a single Word ribbon, streamlining the lawyer’s everyday work.

  • Checkmark Litera Desktop and Litera Create
  • Checkmark Litera Check and DocXtools
  • Checkmark Litera Compare
  • Checkmark pdfDocs
  • Checkmark Kira and Litera Transact

AI contract drafting

Henchman is the fastest contract drafting experience ever made. This AI-powered solution gives access to previously written clauses and definitions in your DMS.

  • Checkmark Access the firm's collective knowledge
  • Checkmark Search existing clauses and definitions
  • Checkmark Enrich contracts and clauses with AI
  • Checkmark Review & redline contracts in minutes
  • Checkmark Translate clauses with a single click

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