Custodian SLA

Version 1.2, May 2024

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to all Custodian Cloud Services, unless otherwise specified in an Order Form or a Contract.

An Order Form should refer to a specific version of this SLA, and the Order Form and Cloud Services Terms constitute the entire Agreement between a Customer and PSA (PSA Consulting AS or PSA Consulting AB) with regard to Custodian Cloud Services.

For Customers with a local support agreement covering our partner products (e.g., iManage, Litera/DocsCorp and TIQ Time), the support service terms described below apply to those products as well.


Custodian is a Digital Services Platform purpose-built to address the needs of next generation Professional Services Organisations and Legal Services Providers.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, Custodian provides secure master data management and flexible, robust, and secure integration capabilities – allowing organisations to seamlessly connect business critical applications and processes throughout their digital ecosystem.

Custodian also provides standardised industry applications and microservices – purpose-built to boost productivity and ensure efficient and connected processes in Professional Services Organisations, Law Firms and Legal Departments.

Custodian is provided as an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), developed, and maintained by PSA Consulting and hosted by Intility, Alternative delivery models (not covered by this SLA) are currently available through Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or deployed on Premises.

The integration services are licensed as Custodian subscriptions and charged by standard connector (data stream) and/or active Custodian application.

Custodian and Connected Integration services are provided from PSA’s Managed Cloud Centre at Intility in Oslo, Norway.


The Custodian server manages an agreed set of data streams (“Connected Integrations”) to, from and between software solutions, and/or data services, that the Customer uses (“3rd Party Applications”). Custodian acts like a central hub for data streams, providing a Master and Metadata management solution and orchestrator between such 3rd Party Applications.

After data streams are put into operation, PSA monitors, manages, and maintains the data streams on behalf of the Customer, as a service included in the iPaaS subscription. In addition, regular general software improvements, minor error fixes and services packs are provided, installed, and put into service by PSA.

PSA sets up active monitoring and logs for all data streams. The Customer can log on to the Custodian portal at any time and access log information and an overview of the status of the various data streams.

New Connected Integrations or added Connected Integrations from PSA’s library of standard Connected Integrations will have the same SLA as described in these terms and conditions.


The Custodian Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) includes a 99.7% uptime guarantee (Conditioned by the assumptions described at, ongoing maintenance and bug fixes, support services and upgrades to new versions of the Custodian server and connected integrations.
  1. The SLA also includes PSA upgrading and adjusting a Connected Integration when a 3rd Party Application is upgraded to a new version, provided that the Customer notifies PSA thereof within reasonable time, and the changes do not result in any significant changes in formats, functions, or data stream structure.
  2. If one or more of the Customer’s 3rd Party Applications are upgraded and this is notified to PSA within 60 days before the 3rd Party Application is upgraded, upgrades in Custodian’s Connected Integrations are included in the annual subscription, up to once a year per Connected Integration.
Upgrades also assume that the new version only incrementally impacts the integration and does not bring in new functionality or significant changes in data structure or volume. Any significant changes, completely new integrations or significant changes in formats may result in increase in subscription prices, or billable consultancy services.
The Custodian SLA furthermore includes PSA actively monitoring all connected integrations.


Support for the Custodian Digital Services Platform, and it’s iPaaS capabilities with Connected Integrations, is covered by support services.

PSA will provide support services related to incidents related to the standard software and Connected Integrations. To address such incidents, PSA, in close cooperation with the Customer, will assist in identifying the cause of the incident and correct any errors.

PSAs helpdesk is manned weekdays 09:00-17:00 CET, excluding Norwegian public holidays.

Support services do not cover incidents:

  1. Caused by the Customer, or External Consultants or Contractors who aren’t employed by the PSA.
  2. Caused by PSA’s certified Software Partners changing the software configuration or made other changes or modifications.

All the Customer’s reported cases are archived and made available to the Customer through PSA’s Service Desk Portal ( in accordance with PSA’s standard operating procedures.

Customer documentation is provided as follows:

  1. Customer-specific fixes are logged and archived in the Support Portal.
  2. Solution documentation from PSA will be updated following new orders and changes.
General changes to the standard solution.


Procedure for reporting errors or issues

The Customer reports errors or suspected errors via PSA’s Service Desk Portal (, and according to the guidelines stated in the support portal.

The Customer documents suspected errors and problems or requests:

1. Description of the problem as clearly as possible:
   – Specify what integration, module, area or optionally dialogue, function or report is the problem. Also indicate in which connected 3rd Party Application the error occurred or was observed.
   – Describe the problem, what has been done, what is happening, and if possible what the expected outcome is.
   – If there are log files, upload them along with any screenshots that explain the problem.
   – Describe the consequences of the problem.
2. Have any changes been made to any 3rd Party Application or the technical environment?
3. Has this worked in the past?
4. Has the problem occurred before (if this is reported to support before, the previous case number must be stated).
5. What has been done to try and solve the problem?

The following work is considered additional, payable services:

• PSAs work on a problem on a module or product that is not provided by PSA.
• Addition of new functionality to existing integrations, or new integrations.
• End-user training, user interface customisation, integrations or other form of incremental development (e.g., via iManage’s SDK).
• Changes in security set-up due to changes in the Customer’s networks, software or procedures.
• Implementation of new modules or solutions in the standard software or in related software solutions.