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TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, making tracking easy by connecting to the tools you use to get your work done. Using integrations with Microsoft Office, your Document Management System and more, TIQ automatically creates an overview of time you have spent on separate documents, emails, meetings and other activities.


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Auto time tracking

To ensure that filling out a timesheet is as easy as possible for every fee-earner, TIQ automatically captures the time spent on activities such as drafting documents, managing emails, meetings, and other activities. TIQ can even track your phone calls.

Narrative builder

Automatically create narratives based on pre-constructed templates. The use of narrative templates will improve the quality of the time entries and helps your firm comply with Outside Counsel Guidelines and internal billing standards.


TIQ Time integrate with the tools you use. Whether you use a legal Practice Management System, a customized ERP system, or your own legacy system, TIQ Time can replace your current timesheet without changing your billing and reporting workflows.

Legal Industry

TIQ Time is designed specifically for the legal industry and integrates into the law firm's systems and workflows such as client and matter intake, matter management, client management, time management, billing and reporting.

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PSA Consulting is the leading TIQ partner and have implemented the solution at many of the largest law firms across the Nordics. Join us for a 30-minute demonstration and discover how TIQ Time can capture time, and help fee earners create high-quality narratives for every time entry. We are here to help you improve time tracking within your firm and reduce leakage.

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Five reasons why time entry for lawyers is hard

Time entry is indeed a challenging task within the legal profession, given the complexity of cases, administrative workload, and the growing emphasis on precision and accountability. Here, we'll explore why time tracking for lawyers poses difficulties and offer solutions to help law offices improve their time management.

1. Complexity of Law Cases: Legal matters involve intricate tasks like research, meetings, and court appearances, making it hard to track time accurately.

2. Multitasking Due To Quantity Of Cases: Handling multiple cases simultaneously leads to interruptions and challenges in time allocation.

3. Large Amounts Of Paperwork: Managing extensive documentation with tight deadlines complicates time tracking and review processes.

4. Changing Priorities: Shifts in case urgency and client needs require adaptive time management, posing challenges in tracking time spent.

5. Increasing Accountability: Clients demand transparent billing, necessitating meticulous time documentation, which can be cumbersome.

A new way of tracking time

Time entry is one of the most challenging tasks in the legal profession. With the intricacy of law cases, the amount of desk work to finish, and the rising interest in accountability, it tends to be hard to precisely record the time spent on each case.

However, there are solutions available to help law firms become more efficient when tracking their time. By implementing time-tracking software, lawyers and law firms can more easily track the amount of time spent on each task.

TIQ Time helps lawyers build complete and consistent time entries with an add-on to your Practice Management System and Document Management System. To ensure that filling out a timesheet is as easy as possible for every fee-earner, TIQ Time automatically captures the time spent on activities such as drafting documents, emails, meetings, and other activities.

Would you like to create consistent, high-quality narratives for every time entry? Increase revenues and reduce leakage? And reduce time spent on filling out time? Don't hesitate to contact us for a demo.

A cloud solution hosted in Microsoft Azure

Keeping your data secure is our priority. We use different methods to ensure that your account remains secure at all times and strictly control who has access to your data, both online and internally.

ISO certified

The ISO27001 certification is a global standard that shows an organisation has invested in the people, processes, and technology required to protect the data it processes. At TIQ Time, we are proud of the robust processes we have in place for software development and distribution, as well as information handling.

Modern and Scalable solution

TIQ Time is provided from the Microsoft Azure Platform to deliver a modern, scalable, and highly secure cloud solution. Development, maintenance, and updates are all managed by TIQ, giving your firm the opportunity to quickly react and adapt to the demands of your market, clients, and fee-earners. 

Leading law firm Roschier implemented TIQ Time across the firm

Nordic law firm Roschier with offices in Helsinki and Stockholm has implemented best-of-breed legal time tracking software for more efficient time recording. Roschier is now working firm-wide with TIQ Time to improve its time registration. Approximately 500 staff members, of which more than 300 lawyers and practitioners, use TIQ Time as time entry solution.

“One of the main drivers to select TIQ’s best-of-breed solution was related to the uncomplicated implementation process. TIQ Time was implemented quickly without affecting our existing practice management system. Since then, time tracking has become a lot easier for our fee earners.”, says Jan Willamo Chief Digital Officer at Roschier.

Read the full case story here.

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