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Power project success with complete transparency of projects, people and finance, coupled with the deep functionality and extensibility enterprise firms need.


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Tailored for PSOs

Tailored for professional services firms, prioritising clients, projects, and personnel. Robust features include client and project management, encompassing project accounting, WIP, and revenue recognition. Extensive finance and scalability to address global needs across regions worldwide.

Complete visibility

Gain complete visibility and control of the project lifecycle, from inception to closure. Seamlessly integrate resource allocation with project planning, merging individuals, workflows, and data. Access functionalities enabling client-centric transactions, such as invoicing WIP for individual projects or project groups.

Powerful capabilities

Take charge of project expenditure with accessible key performance indicators. Flexibility to accommodate both centralised and decentralised invoice processes, supporting hourly, fixed fee, or progress billing models. Leverage a fully integrated platform to streamline workflows, spanning from time entry to invoiced hours.

Time & Expense

Utilise streamlined features for efficient time and expense management, ensuring adherence to company and client policies. Implement straightforward yet adaptable approval processes for overseeing time, expenses, and absences. Enhance efficiency and productivity for your remote workforce through Maconomy's mobile capabilities.

We got your back

PSA Consulting is an authorized partner offering a full range of expert services to new and existing Deltek Maconomy ERP customers – extensions, technical, business and BPM consulting. We are honored to have received the prestigious 2023 'Rising Star International Partner of the Year' award from Deltek.


Power project success with complete transparency of projects, people and finance, coupled with the deep capabilities and extensibility PSOs need.

  • Challenges for law firms

  • Capabilities

  • Security and Compliance

  • Customer Story

Empowering Legal Excellence: How ERP solutions Transform Law Firm Operations

A purpose-built Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like Deltek Maconomy can help law firms address several challenges:

  • Streamlining Financial Processes: Maconomy help streamline complex financial processes, including billing, invoicing, and expense management, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with accounting standards.

  • Improving Matter Management: Legal cases involve various tasks, deadlines, and resources. Maconomy provides tools for effective matter management, enabling better resource allocation, task tracking, and collaboration.

  • Enhancing Data Visibility and Reporting: Maconomy centralises data storage and provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing firms to gain insights into key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

  • Increasing Efficiency and Productivity: Maconomy automates routine tasks, reduces manual data entry errors, and frees up time for lawyers and staff to focus on higher-value activities.

  • Enhancing Client Service: Maconomy enables firms to track client interactions, manage communications, and deliver transparent billing and invoicing, enhancing client satisfaction.

  • Ensuring Compliance and Security: Maconomy helps firms maintain compliance by enforcing internal controls, tracking audit trails, and securing sensitive client information.

  • Facilitating Growth and Scalability: Maconomy provides a flexible platform that can adapt to changing business needs and support future growth initiatives.

Overall, Maconomy addresses many of the operational challenges faced by law firms, enabling them to operate more efficiently, serve clients effectively, and drive business growth.

Purpose-built for Professional Services Organisations

Deltek Maconomy is a modern and intuitive ERP software solution that delivers the transparency, control, scalability, compliance support and automation capabilities you need to run a profitable professional services organisation. Delivered in the Deltek Cloud, Maconomy is accessible from anywhere, with the security and scalability your business needs to manage performance as you grow.

Leverage a Purpose-built solution
  • Built specifically for the way professional services firms work—focused on clients, projects and people
  • Strong base of client and project-level functionality including project accounting, WIP and revenue recognition
  • Deep finance and extensibility capabilities to meet global requirements in nearly every region of the world
Visibility into Clients, Projects and People
  • Full visibility and control of the project lifecycle from creation through closure
  • Seamless connection between resourcing and project planning that integrates people and processes
  • Flexible management of client, program and project portfolios

Strong Project Accounting

  • Gain control of project costs with key performance indicators at your fingertips
  • Flexible to support centralised or decentralised invoice processes and hourly, fixed fee or progress billing
  • Fully connected platform to streamline workflow from time entry to hours invoiced

Simple and intuitive Time & Expense

  • Efficient time and expense capabilities ensure compliance with company and client policies
  • Simple, yet flexible approval workflows to manage time, expenses, and absences
  • Increase efficiency and productivity for your distributed workforce with Maconomy's mobile capabilities

Native Business Automation

  • Automation capabilities to reduce manual processes and increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity
  • Dynamically pilot approval processes throughout your organisation with business rules automatically applied

Global statutory methodology

  • Robust statutory compliance strategy attested via ISAE 3000 Certification in accordance with IFRS / GAAP standards
  • Country-level certifications and broad localisation toolkit provide extensive coverage for global businesses
  • Multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language support to meet the requirements of global organisations

Deltek weave security into everything they do.

Security and trust are foundational elements of Deltek’s offerings and business operations. As part of our commitment to delivering innovative technology solutions with superior service and support, we have comprehensive monitoring capabilities and safeguards to ensure continuous data protection.

Protecting customer data is a top priority at Deltek. Security is an integral part of our product architecture and roadmaps, and we drive security forward with investments in our products, people and processes. Additionally, we have designated teams that monitor emerging threats and respond to incidents should they occur.

From product development to training to culture, security and customer trust are fundamental in Deltek's daily operations and business planning. Deltek’s global workforce is dedicated to protecting your data by ensuring their capabilities meet the constantly changing security landscape.
Security is one of Deltek’s highest priorities. It permeates the entirety of the organisation, culture and product life cycles. It drives training priorities and shapes the technology we use. Security is paramount to their everyday operations and is fundamental to the way they handle customer data. From security driven development of products to delivering superior service and support, the Deltek Cloud is protected 24x7x365. Learn more here.
Deltek considers the impact of new and evolving security best practices, industry standards and compliance frameworks. Whether our customers are working in the United States government contracting space, private sector or doing business around the world, Deltek’s suite of products are designed with compliance in mind. Learn more about Deltek’s cloud compliance.

Banqsoft Accelerates Mergers And Acquisitions With Deltek Maconomy

When it comes to digital transformation, most businesses focus on the technology side: the systems, software and specialists that replace analogue processes with faster digital alternatives. While Banqsoft’s choice of solution was important, there was much more that went into its transformation success.

Banqsoft has been delivering financial software and IT consultancy to firms in the Nordics since 1994. Today, it supports customers from offices all over the Nordics region and in Poland, offering expertise and ideas to help organisations stay ahead of the digital curve.

Before it started working with Deltek, Banqsoft found it had less control, and less agility when it came to making changes to the business. “Before we had to spend a lot of time on the counting and reconciliations,” says Tone Ramstad, Group Finance Manager at Banqsoft. “This meant we didn’t have the time available to implement changes across our business. In fact, things moved so slowly back then that we couldn’t even do our closing on a monthly basis like we do now.”

As it grew over the years, Banqsoft also found its legacy ERP solution could no longer keep up with its cross-border transactions. “As we started to manage resources from our multiple companies, any systems we used had to be able to process transactions from different regions and companies in one database,” says Ramstad.

The company needed a solution that could incorporate transactions from different locations, and in different currencies, seamlessly. Its solution of choice also needed to support future growth and accelerate mergers and acquisitions, and be suitable for projects ranging from shorter, 50-hour implementations, to larger consultancy projects that take thousands of hours across the team.

Only one solution met all of Banqsoft’s needs. “Deltek’s Maconomy was the only option we found that met all our criteria and would support transactions from all our companies in one database,” says Ramstad.

Read the full case story here.

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